CDN $335.00

CODE: Yanis 751

The innovative Integrated POWER STIMULATOR TECHNOLOGY and the DYNAMIC MOVE SYSTEM provide a comfort level that is beyond any available today. The anatomically molded footbed is thermo-active, removable and garanties a perfect foot hygene. It is present in all SANO styles, it is replaceable and easy to clean. SANO shoes and sandals, for men and women can easily be worn all day long.

Walking regularly with SANO shoes and sandals allows you to

1. Stimulate long neglected muscles; 2. Improve physical fitness and well being; 3. Refine your silhouette; 4.Strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons;5. Soothe your muscles and protect your back; 6. Tone and tighten abdominal, leg and buttock muscles.

The adjustable straps of this sandal allows for a greater fit.

Colour: Brown

Designer: Sano

Materials: Leather